Halieutixx Pop & Slurp


Available in Titanium or 400 lb. Mono

Indestructible design

Stainless steel components

75lb. Swivels





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Not to be confused with a just regular popping cork, this 2 in 1 design also mimics the noise that big fish make when they are slurping down the bait.

To pop like your a regular popping cork simply pop straight up.

To get the slurping noise simply pop sideways.

With its stainless steel components, 75lb. swivels and a float that will not peel, chip, or get damaged by your lures it is designed to last longer than any other cork on the market.

Our shiny stainless steel components reflect sunlight and copy that of feeding bait fish.

Additional information

Core Line

Titanium Wire, 400 lb. Mono


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