I've been a Police Officer for the past 10 yrs. Prior to becoming a Police Officer, I was a Corrections Officer for 4 yrs. Prior to that I spent 4 years in the USCG. I'm also the Captain of the all womens fishing team "REEL DISTRACTED". 

   I deal with people at their worst on a daily basis. Fishing has always been where I go to rest my soul. However, I don't go out to be "serious" on the water. I'm a firm believer in if your having fun the fish will come! 

   I've been fishing since I was old enough to hold a pole and push that Zebco button. Over the years Ive fine tuned my fishing habits and preferences. I came across Haliuetixx Rods and fell in love. These Rods have a strong enough back bone to haul your reds or sheepshead over the railings and the sensitivity in the tip to feel every nibble of a trout. 

   As an Officer, I have to rely on my equipment to work when its go time! I've always been able to rely on my Halieutixx rods no matter what the targeted species. We've placed in a few tournaments and even won Babes on Baffin with the 1st place Red Fish and 2nd place Overall stringer...all landed with my custom Haliuetixx rods. 
My Tackle Box:
RODS - Halieutixx
REELS - Penn 3000 (spinning)
LURES - Home Recker
JIGHEADS - HellRazor
HOOKS - #4 VMC Croaker
WEIGHTS - 1/8oz split shots
SCENT - Kings Stank Stick
LINE - 10-12lb Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono/30-40lb Sufix 832 braid