Been with HomeRecker Lures for over 2yrs joined Halieutixx in May of 2018. I’ve been fishing for almost my whole life. Raised in Port Isabel it was easy to get a rod and cast it out. 4 yrs ago I change my fishing style to popping corks with shrimp to using lures. Doing so is how I connect with Rick Ojeda with Homerecker Lures which is how I met Capt. Elliott. As I used lures more, I was cycling through rods because I couldn’t find one to my liking. When Capt Elliott started Halieutixx he made me a rod tailored to my liking. Since then Capt Elliott and I have fished tournaments together and have caught plenty of fish with Halieutixx Rods. I’m looking forward to fishing more with Capt Elliott and having my line up grow as the company grows.